Introducing Our New Accounts Payable Automation

Before the advent of Intelligent Automation, invoices have traditionally been processed manually, with some inefficient legacy scanning and workflow software in place to try and make processing faster. With endless unstructured data throughout each stage in the process, tight SLAs and strict deadlines to adhere to, it’s understandable that finance

17th December 2020

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Meet Kate Bentley, Head of Sales at NexBotix

Kate is the Head of Sales at NexBotix and is responsible for the growth and revenue of our business. Customer-obsessed, Kate’s role means ensuring constant alignment across sales, marketing, product and delivery, to ensure every customer engagement is outstanding. As part of the founding team of NexBotix, she saw first hand that enterprise-grade

8th December 2020

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What do mid-sized businesses need from their automation solutions?

At the start of 2019, the government stated there was a total of 8,000 “medium and large” sized organisations across the UK with between 500 and 5000 employees. In businesses of this size, there are undoubtedly a variety of repetitive, inefficient and labour-intensive business processes, that could hugely benefit from solutions like

17th November 2020

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Meet Tilly Pool, Business Development Executive at NexBotix

As our Business Development Executive, Tilly works closely with our new clients, understanding their challenges and helping us explore how and where our solutions can help them. On the front line of our business, Tilly has a unique insight into the variety of specific problems each business has that can be solved with automation. In …

3rd November 2020

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Meet Craig Sumner, Head of Technology Strategy

Craig Sumner is the Head of Technology Strategy at NexBotix. Craig works with all areas of the business spearheading our product road map and working closely with our customers and clients throughout their automation journey. Where were you before NexBotix? My journey through the Intelligent Automation market started back in 2014, working on some of

19th October 2020

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How can Intelligent Automation help enforce regulatory compliance within Insurance?

It’s a given that the regulatory compliance landscape is constantly evolving and adapting, it’s becoming a huge challenge for insurers to meet these demands. Not only does this require huge operational effort and investment of human resources but insurers find themselves fighting a long uphill ‘regulatory marathon’. The consequences of not meeting

1st October 2020

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5 key benefits automation can bring to the manufacturing sector

According to the Midway 2020 report conducted by Deloitte, only 20% of the surveyed manufacturers considered themselves prepared for another digital revolution. Whilst automation has been adopted in the form of physical robots driving improvements on the production line and almost eliminating error in production, the move to digitise back-end and

4th September 2020

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How are legal companies using Intelligent Automation?

The legal industry hasn’t always been a huge adopter of innovation, but with law firms accelerating their digital transformation plans and the rise of various Legal Tech solutions, it’s clear that driving innovation through the application of Intelligent Automation is on the rise and here to stay. NexBotix has identified a variety of back and …

15th August 2020

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Top 5 ways that financial firms are using Intelligent Automation

Never has the economic landscape across all industries felt so uncertain,  with financial organisations focused on building long term stability and resilience, by looking to new and innovative ways to drive down operational costs and increase productivity and profitability. This isn’t a new concept to the Financial Services sector who have thus far

10th August 2020

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Intelligent Automation: The Key to the Future of Work in the Insurance Industry

It’s no surprise that businesses across the world are beginning to explore ways in which they need to adjust their operating model in light of Covid-19. Furloughed employees, smaller, remote teams and new social distancing restrictions are proving to be difficult obstacles to overcome

7th July 2020

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Meet Ann-Marie Rossiter, Head of Marketing

Ann-Marie Rossiter is the Head of Marketing at NexBotix, responsible for growing our brand, attracting new customers, managing our wide variety of marketing channels and building our profile within the Intelligent Automation industry. Where were you before NexBotix? I’ve spent my career so far working in high-growth technology scale-ups and before

13th October 2020

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5 key benefits of using automation within the legal services sector

For every business, 2020  has certainly changed how people work, live and do business forever and with it has brought increased pressure for the legal sector to look at how legal services are delivered, and the way in which law firms operate. Embracing digital solutions has become essential in helping firms drive efficiency, manage business …

20th September 2020

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Meet Gemma Foxall, Automation Consultant

Meet Gemma Foxall, automation consultant at NexBotix. Gemma supports our clients throughout their automation journey, she identifies, assesses and measures an organisation’s capabilities and lends these skills to the design and implementation phases of a project.  Where were you before NexBotix? I’ve worked in the IT industry for approximately six

18th August 2020

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