How are legal companies using Intelligent Automation?

The legal industry hasn’t always been a huge adopter of innovation, but with law firms accelerating their digital transformation plans and the rise of various Legal Tech solutions, it’s clear that driving innovation through the application of Intelligent Automation is on the rise and here to stay. NexBotix has identified a variety of back and …

15th August 2020

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Top 5 ways that financial firms are using Intelligent Automation

Never has the economic landscape across all industries felt so uncertain,  with financial organisations focused on building long term stability and resilience, by looking to new and innovative ways to drive down operational costs and increase productivity and profitability. This isn’t a new concept to the Financial Services sector who have thus far

10th August 2020

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Intelligent Automation: The Key to the Future of Work in the Insurance Industry

It’s no surprise that businesses across the world are beginning to explore ways in which they need to adjust their operating model in light of Covid-19. Furloughed employees, smaller, remote teams and new social distancing restrictions are proving to be difficult obstacles to overcome

7th July 2020

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